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Buzz FM Mission Statement

Buzz will strive to provide a superior service in internet radio listening across the World.

We have to because we are at the dawn of a new age in both technologies and a greater public demand for internet radio listening which is expanding rapidly.

Why buy a DAB radio in the UK or Ireland with a limited number of stations when you can buy a Wi-Fi Radio (internet radio) for the same money with the same stations as DAB except access to thousands more?!

This is an exciting time for us. Staff will have great opportunities in the company's growth and will reap the rewards for their efforts.

Our customers will see how serious and effective we are in assisting them in their efforts to meet and even exceed their targets.

Their investments for results will be money well spent because of our dynamic packages available.

Managing Director M. G. Parke

Buzz Radio Privacy Policy

This statement applies to Buzz Radio's products, services and websites worldwide (collectively, Buzz Radio "services").

Personal Information and other data we collect will only be done so with your permissiona and will never be passed on to any third party or organisation.

Buzz Radio Terms & Conditions

You (the visitor), are free to browse and listen to our internet streaming audio service free of charge. At no time are you permitted to save, download or redistribute any material, Audio or otherwise from this website.